Show jumping is one of the most high-profile and exciting equestrian sports, where riders on horseback attempt to clear sets of obstacles on the show jumping field within a specific time. The rider must be physically fit, skillfully guide the horse and accurately calculate the trajectory of its movement. The horse is required to have strong jumping qualities, flexibility and strong coordination of movement.
The Bitriver Show Jumping Cup is a large-scale international sporting event that has already been held twice in Moscow. The event was attended by the strongest athletes who represent various areas of equestrian sports in Russia and abroad, and was visited by tens of thousands of spectators. In addition to the competitive routes, a spectacular entertainment program was prepared as part of the event: dressage, vaulting, a show performed by equestrians from the Kremlin Riding School, and much more.
The Equestrian
Federation of Russia
50,000 spectators attended the event
50 famous riders 500 publications in Media
35,000,000 broadcast audience

Center of National
Equestrian Traditions
Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh)

Moscow Equestrian Federation

Pony show
height up to 30 cm
Fancy dress competition for pony riders. Children 7-11 years old take part. The height of the pony at withers is up to 130 cm. Some of the obstacles are overcome on horseback, and others on foot. The fastest pony advances to the next round.
Pony mirroring
height up to 80 cm
A pair of riders navigate the same parallel route at the same time. The athlete who completes the route with a worse time is eliminated, while the best rider goes on to compete with the next participant.
height up to 110 cm
Competitions are held for a team consisting of two participants, one of whom overcomes the first half of the route on horseback, while the second half of the route on foot.
obstacle height up to 130 cm
The first part of the distance is covered by each rider on horseback and the second while driving a car equipped with a manual transmission.
Team race
height up to 140 cm
Riders are split into teams. The participants of each team navigate the same route one after another. The winner is the team that completes the route in the fastest time.
BitRiver Cup
height up to 150 cm
This is most spectacular performance, featuring powerful jumps and high speeds. The competition focuses on agility and how cleanly the route is navigated.
Show jumping is an illustration of a tandem between man and nature, where the strength of character and mutual respect of the rider and the horse are paramount. This sport harmoniously develops a person physically, promotes emotional and psychological balance, and fosters lofty moral ideals.
President of the BitRiver Show Jumping Cup. She develops and promotes the project among Russian and foreign horse clubs, specialized sports federations, as well as state authorities. Athlete-competitor. Member of “Business Women,” an All-Russian Public Organization.
Vlada Semerenko
Bitriver CUP President
The mastermind and key organizer of the competition is BitRiver (the world industrial mining leader in Eurasia). Show jumping as a sport resonates with the company's business, where speed, courage, determination and perseverance are also key skills.
The Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh) ranks among the world’s Top-50 largest exhibition centers, is the world's largest exhibition, museum and recreational complex, and it is also one of the most popular public spaces in Moscow.
The Center of National Equestrian Traditions is a unique world-class venue for showcasing Russia’s equestrian heritage. It is located on the grounds of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh).
(Pavilion # 42)
Center of National Equestrian Traditions
Moscow, Russia
Xenia Khairulina
Master of Sports of Russia, Champion of Russia in 2020, participant in two European Championships, multiple participant in the Cups of Nations as part of the Russian national team, including in Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Rides for the Chelyabinsk Region.
Mikhail Shemshelev
Mikhail Safronov
Alexander Belekhov
St. Petersburg
Master of Sports of international class, a two-time Champion of Russia, winner in 2016 and 2018, a multiple winner and prize-winner of Russian and international competitions.
Master of sports of international class, a two-time winner of the Russian Cup in show jumping (2021 and 2022), Grand Prix winner of the Final of the Eurasian League World Cup in 2021, multiple winner of international and All-Russian competitions, member of Russian National Show Jumping team.
Master of sports of international class, a seven-time champion of Russia, multiple participant of European Show Jumping Championships, multiple winner of World Cup stages, head coach of the Russian National Show Jumping team, and winner of the FKSR Awards in the category "Athlete of the Year" in 2020.
The participants feature well-known world-class masters of sports from all over Russia and abroad, including multiple winners of international events:

In December 2022, the BitRiver Cup show jumping competition was declared the winner of the category "Event of the Year" according to the "Horse Expert" magazine.
BitRiver’s show jumping competition has become a new stage in the development of interest in equestrian sports and the revival of large-scale, spectacular tournaments in the capital.

BitRiver Сup has been visited by well-known representatives of the business elite, cultural figures, sports, politicians - in particular, Press Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov.